Have a blind date with a book

Library experts have selected our most eligible books for you to choose from to make “the date” even more mysterious, books are wrapped in brown paper with only a few clues to their true identity complete a rate a date bookmark for a chance to win prizes just look for the blind date with a book display on the main. 248k followers, 529 following, 161 posts - see instagram photos and videos from blind date with a book (@ablinddatewithabook. This is an effort to get more folks reading in areas they might not have been interested in before. I was delighted to see the trend make its way to my local bookstore shortly thereafter, and went on my first blind date with a book a few years ago ( interestingly, the readers, if you don't have a bookstore or library near you wrapping books in brown paper, this post is for you i chose three books from my.

Have a blind date with a book keep an eye out for specially wrapped bundles this valentine's day published on 13 february 2018 by callum tyler share penguin random house is hoping to challenge our pre-conceived ideas by setting us up on a blind date teaming up with books on the rail and street library, the. Just in time for valentine's day, we'll select a variety of books, wrap them all up in 'oh so secretive' wrapping paper and you won't know the 'identity' of your blind date till you get it home will it be fiction or non-fiction funny, informative, a mystery, true-crime you may choose any wrapped book in our “blind date with a. They'll be shelved on one of the main displays when you first walk into our main branch check them out, rip them open and give them a good reading inside each blind date book is a rate your date card fill out the card and drop it off at our main branch each blind date book has a rate your date card. Then you take your book on a blind date by choosing to meet with and read it and give it a chance to make an impression best part you then get to let us know how your blind date went did you have a love connection did the date end early for whatever reason did something unexpected happen.

I've seen the pictures on pinterest: books wrapped in brown paper to hide their covers, encouraging readers to “go on a blind date with a book” sometimes the books carry descriptions sometimes they don't many libraries had featured these displays for valentine's day some do it year-round a few. A huge thank you to everyone who went on blind dates with the books we picked we loved all the enthusiasm and passion you showed for our selections we're not wrapping up the titles any more, but we still have them on hand if you want to email us to order them look for another set of blind date books next february.

Orders are shipped worldwide and are a great present for yourself or someone else blind date with a book began at elizabeth's bookshops in australia and is now available at waitrose stores in england and to the rest of the world from our online shop here at blinddatewithabookcom if you have any questions, concerns,. There are many locations that have adopted this idea, each offering a unique quality to their “blind date” process for instance, at book culture, an nyc-based bookstore with three locations throughout the city, they wrap the book in a paper bag and the only clue they provide is a “read me if you liked these.

Have a blind date with a book

Have a blind date with a book its a lucky dip for readers we have a local cult following of our blind dates with a book each week people pop in for a blind date before they head to the beach we love that we also have started a bit of an online book club of blind date readers so join in :) each blind date comes wr. It's that time of year again, when pink chalky hearts, roses, and rosé are popping up every time you blink: the countdown to v-day has begun chocolates and flowers can't possibly hurt (what kind of a monster says no to valentine's goodies not this monster)---but here at the library shop we know there's. A blind date with a book is a mystery book, wrapped in brown paper, tagged with clues and delivered to your door shipping worldwide.

A blind date with a book - or go to bed with a book as my high school called it - was how i discovered flowers for algernon all the books were wrapped in brown paper with just their isbns written on the outside it was lucky they were, because i never would have picked the book up myself the cover was. Murder, corporate espionage, vigilantism- these weren't always my thing but what can a girl do someone told me i had a “zorro meets batman” thing going on i'm not trying to be a hero, but someone needs to fix this mess graphic novel mystery book 04 i'm new to this blind-date thing heck, i'm new to this continent. Click on whatever description interests you most, and get reading.

Let elizabeth's set you up on a blind date with a book elizabeth opened her first tiny second-hand bookshop (a “book exchange”) in 1973, in the perth university suburb of nedlands, western australia over the next 43 years, elizabeth's bookshops have grown into one of australia's largest second-hand retailers, with a. This valentine's day, find love in the library blind date with a book when: wednesday, february 14 where: killam library (11 am-3 pm), macrae library (12-2 pm), and kellogg library, tupper location, (8:30 am-5 pm) what: fall in love with a good book if you're looking for mystery, fantasy, poetry,. Have a blind date with a book posted on thursday, february 9th, 2017 ah, valentine's day february 14th can be a lovely reminder of how lucky you are to have that special someone in your life inducing feelings of romance and dreaminess for others, it can be a definite drag i think we have all, at one time or another,.

Have a blind date with a book
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